Thursday, 15 September 2016

I am immortal! Save the death to yourself!

I am drinking from the cup of immortality, I have no fear or death I live forever, I created heaven and earth still I am not satisfy because my subject refuses to serve the purpose of life,what is the purpose of life? Is it all about a pursuit for material things or Eating and drinking? You see this is what my subjects don't understand says the purpose is hidden in every eyes of my creatures. Read my purpose from the Nature says the Lord, my creatures now dwells in places of insects, you that I created in my own image, I made you God and I equally granted you free WILL. What makes me God is equally in you says the lord. Except you discovered the purpose of life you shall be purposeless! Disorganized here in this cosmos,I stand in the cosmic highway to call my subject's in a louder voice that the world new not. Came! O come and serve the purpose of life, there is no pain no sorrow, no poverty, not death, no sin. Sin does not exist at all, all this fake idea's you created for yourself. The time as come that you may now reap what you have sown. There listeners if you have any question or criticism about this kingdom words, feel free to write back.

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