Wednesday, 1 June 2016

prayer with immediate answers

If prayer is to be spoken of at all, then the following words are naturally meant only for those who concern themselves with prayer. He who does not feel the inner urge to pray may well refrain from doing so, for his words or his thoughts would inevitably dissolve into nothingness. If prayer is not thoroughly inwardly experienced, through and through, it has no value and therefore will have no effect. The best foundation for a prayer which may be expected to have effect, lies in those moment of spontaneous thankfulness arising out of a great happiness or of a deepest pain resulting from Heartfelt grief. In such moment of a person is filled with one particular intuition which dominants all else. This enables the main wish of the prayer, be it gratitude or a request, to receive undimmed power. People often have a wrong picture of how prayer comes into existence, what happeneds to it and how it further developes. Not every prayer penetrates to the highest ruler of the universe. On the contrary, it is a very rare exception when a prayer is actually able to ascend to the steps of his throne. Here also the basic law of the power of attraction of homogenous species plays the principal role. A prayer which is seriously and deeply felt will be attracted to and itself attract those of similar nature and come into contact with the power-centres can also be called section of spheres or something similar, basically it all amounts to the same. The main wish of the prayer will become effective through reciprocal action. It will either bring calmness, strength, recovery, plans suddenly arising within, the solution to difficult problems, or other things. Something good will always come of it, be it only increased composure and balance of mind, which in turn lead to a solution and some way out of the difficulty. It is also possible that the prayers sent out, having received increased power through the reciprocal action of homogeneous powers centre, will find an ethereal path to people who, being stimulated through this, will in some way bring help and thus fulfilment of the prayer. All these happening will be easily understood by observing ethereal life. Here again justice lies in the fact that is always the inner quality of the one who prays which is decisive. The fervour with which the prays determines the power, I.e., the vitality and effectiveness of the prayer. In the great ethereal happening in the cosmos, each variety of intuition finds the homogeneous species to which it belongs, because not only could it not be attributed by others, but it would even be repelled. Only when meet its similar kind does a connection take place with a consequent increase in strength. A prayer embodying intuition, which still contains measure of strength through the deep absorption of the one praying, will, in spite of its unconnected part, there by attract different things and will also return different kinds of reciprocal effects.

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